About The Comic

“No Heroes” is a fantasy webcomic made by me, Manuel Schumacher. It is set in an original fantasy world which I created a while ago together with my brother. The comic tells an ongoing story, focussed on the two main characters, Katharina and Shara. I’m trying to update the comic once a week, every sunday.

The comic is called “No Heroes” because … I needed a name. Ahem. And it sort of fits, too, of course. I wanted a fantasy story with less epic and world changing threats (which neccessiate equally epic heroes) and more … well … relatable protagonists (I’m sure I’m not the first to think of that, of course). But the name fits because Katharina and Shara are no heroes – Katharina is too much of a coward and Shara is too much of an egoist. They just get thrown together, encounter problems and have to deal with it.

Let’s see what comes from that!

About The Creator

Me, I’m just some guy from Germany who started this comic a while ago because I already read a lot of online webcomics and wanted to tell a story like this myself. After some years of cramping out pages in changing intervals, I finally got my ass up and made this website. At that point, I already had drawn over 100 pages over the course of several years, which can be easily seen if you look at how the art has changed during that time.

About The World

The world this story takes place in is an original fantasy world which my brother and I thought up some time ago. It’s not a very unusual setting, maybe apart from not having the standard fantasy races like elves and dwarves. It’s still mosty medieval-type societies (of course varying depending on the region) with few technology and some magic.

The name my brother and I came up with for this world is Yra. Out-of-universe, it’s because that was a name I once gave it because we didn’t want to just always call it “our world”. In-universe, “Yra” is an old world in the language of the Tyr’Enn, the oldest people around on it. The name spread and is now commonly used by the inhabitants to refer to the world … although it strongly depends on the user’s culture and beliefs wether it actually refers to the continent, the whole physical world, or their whole metaphysical plane of existence.

There are five intelligent races living in Yra:

  • Humans – Katharina, for example. You should know how they look ;) They live in the kingdom of Alamond in the center of the continent.
  • Byzarians – canine people like Shara. They live in a bunch of mostly-indepentend city states in the south of the continent.
  • Drak – massive lizard people like Kshar. Their homeland is a huge island in the western ocean where they live in tribes roaming the plains.
  • Baroc – snake people like Ethkett. They come from an empire that resides on a tropic subcontinent in the southwest.
  • Tyr’Enn – clawed, noseless humanoids like Aken. They have been in Yra for the longest time and are nowadays found in the cold north of the continent.

The story starts somewhere in the south where there are mostly Humans, Byzarians and some Drak running around, and rather few of the other two.