Kshar Kesh Gren Ek Ti Kesh


Kshar is a Drak who earns their living mostly by hunting in the outliers of the Great Jungle that lie between Blackshire and Serpent’s End. They hunt their own food as well as other stuff they sell to gain some money. From time to time they also transport goods or escorts people between Blackshire and Serpent’s End, as the connection between those two cities runs straight through the jungle and is as tedious as it is dangerous.

Originally they were born as a member of the tribe Kesh, one of the many Drak tribes roaming the Dragon Island in the west. They don’t usually tell anyone the exact reason why, but they left the tribe several years ago to cross the ocean and find a new home on the main continent.

First appearance:

Kshar first appears near the end of chapter I as Katharina and Shara are looking for someone to guide them to Serpent’s End and they are the only one ready to leave on such a short notice …