Chancellor Eshar

Eshar of Kan’Dannen


Eshar is a member of the Council in Kan’Dannen, the highest government instance of the Tyr’Enn republic. It is made up of seven councillors, one for every province. Eshar is the councillor of the province of Kan’Dannen, and also holds the title of the republic’s Chancellor – the one who can break tied votes when the Council fails to decide on anything. He thus currently holds the highest political office in the republic but is far from an absolute dictator. Indeed he spends most of his time as some kind of mediator, trying to balance the needs and demands of all the different provinces and their representatives.

In addition to all of this he frequently has to deal with the Gena Ki’i’Mar who has little respect for the law or the Council’s power and basically just plays by their rules if it fits her needs. Since her status as a Gena makes her nearly untouchable as long as she does anything short of treason he has to constantly maneuver around her whims and try to do anything he can to keep her in check. A Gena is not completely above the law, though, and should she ever become a direct threat for the Tyr’Enn, Eshar has the authority to turn the full power of the republic against her. Ki’i’Mar is aware of this and thus Chancellor Eshar is one of the few people in the world she does not dare to carelessly antagonize.

First appearance:

Chancellor Eshar first appeared in chapter III when Ki’i’Mar (literally) appeared in his chambers and asked him to call in a Council meeting about her latest discovery. As usual he was pretty annoyed by her audacity, but he did belive her that it was something important this time …