Ki’i’Mar is what the Tyr’Enn call a “Gena”, which is a title given to someone who is born with an exceptionally high magic potential. While the amount of potential a person is born with varies all across and within all known races, the Tyr’Enn for some reason seem to produce especially high outliers from time to time. Together with their already higher average magic potential this leads to a phenomenon where a few Tyr’Enn per generation are born who have a power potential that is unrivaled by any single being in the known world. Their people call them “Genar” (in singular “Gena” for women or “Geni” for men) and they are the subject of some serious admiration and hero worship by Tyr’Enn culture.

Ki’i’mar was born in Kan’Dannen, the capital of the Tyr’Enn republic, as the daughter of a government official. Consequentially, her potential was discovered immediately after her birth and she grew up constantly being told that she was basically better and more powerful than everyone else. Combined with her already big ego and cruel personality this formed her into the kind of person that is the least suited to wield lots of power … but due to her status as a Gena she was free to more or less do whatever she wants without fearing any serious repercussions – she is a living legend to the common folk and has the ability to considerably influence the Council if she chooses to.

The only reason she has yet to make any huge political moves is her lack of interest in real politics. She only takes part in those from time to time to make sure she always has some favors to call in when she needs them. Her real interest lies in studying arcane energies and magic artifacts in hopes to get a deeper understanding of the primordial forces that make up the world.

First appearance:

Ki’i’Mar first appeared in chapter III where she is shown sensing the “awakening” of an old artifact she has been studying, whatever that might mean exactly. But it seemed important enough for her to go to the Council to inform them of her discovery, something she is not usually known for doing …