Slania of Elvarrh

Slania of Elvarrh


Slania is a damn strong and tough byzarian woman who was born in a tribe living far away from where you’d normally expect to find byzarians. While most of them live somewhere in one of the city-states of the Byzarian Union south of the human kingdom Alamond, Slanias tribe, the Elvarrhi, lives on the coast far up in the cold north. They tend to grow larger and stronger than southern byzarians do, but even there she counted as big. Now, living between southern byzarians and humans she is outright huge, rivaling Drak in size.

It is hard to get much about her life out of her (like the reason she left the north), but enough stories circulate indicating she had her fair share of adventures, even attaining some fame during an extended stay on the Dragon Island, the homeland of the Drak, where she has supposedly somehow helped them in their project of founding a central capital city.

Since several years she is now captain of the Serpent’s End city guard and responsible for the protection of its citizens from internal and external threats. She pursues that goal with great determination and has gained a reputation of being incorruptible, if sometimes not as diplomatic as appropriate.

First appearance:

Captain Slania first appeared in chapter IV, when she paid Shara a visit after she got in a brawl at the tavern. It turned out that wasn’t the only reason, though …