Dragoon Na’Ki


Na’Ki is a Dragoon, one of an elite order of warriors of the Tyr’Enn people. Like many of her comrades she started as a soldier and spent years performing her duty and showing nothing but discipline before she was granted the honor of joining the Dragoons.

Since Na’Ki is unusually small (at least for a soldier), she has had to work extra hard to convice her equals and superiors that she is able to pull her own weight. This was made worse by some serious self-worth-issues she has been carrying around since her puberty. The main reason she has been able to make it into the top ranks of the Dragoons is that she has a nearly unrivaled talent for countermagic.

First appearance:

Na’Ki first appeared in chapter IV where she was sent alongside with five of her comrades as an escort for the Gena – and as an overseer …