Ethkett is a middle aged baroc woman who fled the Baroc Empire over ten years ago for reasons she only tells her close friends. It is not an easy thing to leave the great jungle and cross the great wall, but she did it and made it to the nearest notable city outside of the Empire, Serpent’s End, and started earning her living by tending tables in the “Serpent’s Tail”, a bar near the harbor. 6 years ago the old owner died and left her in charge of the tavern, which she has since run quite successfully.

Ethkett is a confident and tough person – something you have to be when running a tavern often frequented by drunk sailors and all kinds of shady people. Coming from a matriarchic culture she is often frustrated by the male-dominated culture of the humans and byzarians. This is further complicated by the fact that a lot of those don’t know how to properly differ between a female and a male baroc and assume her to be a man – something that can get you on her bad side pretty quickly.

First appearance:

Ethkett first appeared in chapter III as Shara has picked the Serpent’s Tail as the new place to drown all of her sorrows in alcohol. She became a regular patron and the owner, Ethkett, quickly became a familiar face …