Gregor Peck

Gregor Peck


Gregor Peck is the guild master of the Mages’ Guild in Serpent’s End. Because Serpent’s End is one of the few cities officially governed by the politically independent guild he is not only the guild’s master but actually also the effective mayor of the city.

Several years ago he was a part of the power struggle in the large city port of Goldhaven and helped the guild gain a larger foothold there. Shortly after that, though, he left for the south and arrived in Serpent’s End. He worked his way up the hierarchy there and ended up as the guild master 12 years ago.

In all these years he had to time and again protect the Mages’ Guild from attacks and threats, often politically but sometimes quite physically. This has left him very mistrustful, some might say paranoid, especially when it comes to criminals (one of the biggest opponents of the mages in Goldhaven was a criminal group called the “Black Fist”). Thus he is also very reluctant to let go of any power he holds in Serpent’s End because he fears it might end up in the wrong hands – something that not everyone in the city approves of.

First appearance:

Gregor Peck first appeared at the start of chapter III where he gave Katharina a rather unfriendly welcome after her ordeal in the jungle. Luckily Halen managed to convince him that she can be trusted …