Maq is a former Tyr’Enn soldier who once was a member of the Dragoons, the most prestigious order of warriors and defenders a Tyr’Enn could hope to belong to. But one day while he was stationed in the capital he caught the eye of the Gena Ki’i’Mar and it wasn’t long before he decided to leave the ranks of the Dragoons to become Ki’i’Mar’s personal bodyguard and servant. This caused him to severely fall from grace with the Dragoon order, as a membership there is usually seen as a huge honor and sacred duty – one you are expected to fulfill for the rest of your life. Were it not for the Gena protecting him he’d have to face some serious punishment for leaving – but being like it is they had no choice but begrudgingly let him go.

This has not prevented a number of rumors to emerge about what exactly happened between Maq and the Gena, of course, ranging from them being in love to her controlling his mind with her incredible magic powers. What is obvious is that he seems completely devoted to serving her, a fact that does not seem hindered by her egocentric and sadistic personality and that she routinely abuses him – verbally as well as physically. He just endures it with an unending calm and continuing loyalty that is puzzling to everyone who gets a glimpse of how she treats him in private.

First appearance:

Maq first appeared alongside Ki’i’Mar in chapter III when she made her discovery that made her contact the council. He didn’t quite to understand what is going on himself, but wherever the Gena goes, he follows …