She did promise something like that … but it’s also kind of a jerk thing to try and hold her to that, isn’t it?



↓ Transcript
Shara: ... it would have, wouldn't it?
Katharina: Yeah.
Shara: Either BOOK or BOTH OF YOU would have been DEAD.
Katharina: ... y-yes, probably.
Shara: <serious> You do remember that you promised me a FAVOR for that, right?
Katharina: Ehrm ... yes? I mean if you need MY help with anything, you just have to ask!
Shara: A BIG FAVOR. That you PROMISED.
Katharina: <nervous> ... what exactly are you getting at, Shara?
Shara: Oh I'm sure you KNOW what I need your help with.
Shara: I need you to help me STEAL THE BLADE!
Katharina: ... w-what? SHARA -
Katharina: Shara, you KNOW I can't let you do that! We talked about this! AGAIN AND AGAIN!
Shara: You PROMISED me your help! I SAVED YOUR LIFE today! And that of your BOYFRIEND! YOU OWE ME!
Katharina: <getting angry> Y-yeah! And I'm GRATEFUL for that, really! And I would risk MY life for YOURS, too! But NOT when it's about ...
Shara: ... about WHAT ... ?
Katharina: ... about this THING in your head that you think is your DEAD LOVER! THAT'S CRAZY!!