Alt-text: "Oh look - another fancy weapon (that someone talks to)!"

... and this is the end of chapter seven! But don't worry, we have a few more pages to go before the end-of-year-break! (I thought about doing it now but that would be quite early indeed)

So that means you get a few more pages to tease you into the next chapter, which will be called "Ghennôm". What does that even mean, you ask? Well ... maybe someone of you can figure it out - otherwise I'll explain next week. It does have relevance, I promise ;)

As mentioned before:

The last regular update this year will be on December 17th, with the next one starting again on January 14th.

In the weeks between, if you have some more questions for the cast we could do some more Q&A! So if you have something you always wanted to ask one of the characters (or me the author directly), just let me know in a comment, as a mail to or as a DM over at my Deviantart.

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