Halen Tuomi


Halen was born in the byzarian city-state of Dar’sama, a colourful and friendly place at the coast of the kalin gulf. He joined the Mages’ Guild at an early age, as soon as his talent for magic (especially illusions) became apparent.

At the age of 16 he took an opportunity to move to the human city of Backstown as part of a knowledge exchange measure of the guild. A few years later he met a young Katharina there and the two of them became friends.

Halen had still more of the world to explore, though, so he moved on and left Backstown while Katharina was still there and the two lost sight of each other.


Halen is an incredibly cheerful and optimistic person. He always expects the best of people and has a big heart, always trying to help, love and respect.

This quickly makes him seem naive or deluded to his more cynical fellows, but he actually has more than enough experience in dealing with people’s ugly side. Being a byzraian guild member living in the human kingdom had its own share of difficulties – not to mention his open sexuality which wasn’t a problem back in his home but brought him a lot of problems and even hostility in the conservative and prudish Backstown.

Wether the fact that this did not seem to hamper his sunny personality is a sign of his strength of character or just self-delusion remains to be seen.

First appearance:

Halen appeared first at the start of chapter III of this story, where he reunites with Katharina after her perilous journey through the great jungle. They were both quite happy to see each other alive and in (relatively) good health.