Pesh Azveddan


Pesh is a byzarian who earns his living working as a ranger around Serpent’s End hunting and selling pelts as well as offering his services as a guide for people who plan to venture into the outliers of the Great Jungle.

He isn’t originally from Serpent’s End, though, and was in fact born to a noble family in the city state of Soaleyvin. Although he can be quick to boast about his abilities and accomplishments, he is usually rather quiet about the reason he left home, often just mentioning something vague about “wanting to find his own path”.

Although he is a seasoned wilderness expert by now, his privileged upbringing – and the Soaleyvin warrior mindset – can still shine through from time to time.

First appearance:

Pesh first appeared in chapter V, where he got hired by the Mages’ Guild to act as a guide for their expedition into the jungle …