Jester Book

Jester Book


Jester Book is a relatively young man who works as a personal assistant to Amanda Hoffrin, also known as “Lady Violet”.  He is pretty good with numbers, which initially got him hired as an accountant. But as Lady Violet recognized his other skills, like a knack for logistics and the ability to keep a cool head and quick thinking while under stress, she started delegating all sorts of organizational tasks to him.

All this means that while he initally only knew his employer as a regular businesswoman, he got increasingly familiar with what a lot of those “businesses” are actually about. And even though she avoids letting him in on the most questionable details and secrets, he can’t help but piece together on his own that the woman he works for might actually be running a ruthless criminal organization. It often is unclear to outsiders if he is actually fine with that or just doesn’t know how to do anything about it – maybe even fearing for his life should he speak up against her or try to leave.

He seems like rather clumsy and bookish type at first – something that is reinforced by his pale skin and the large glasses – but all the time in the company of the various types of thugs and dangerous people his boss is dealing with made sure he knows how to stand up to himself if he really needs to.

First appearance: 

Jester first appeared in chapter IV of this story, as he greets the delegation of the Mages’ Guild at Lady Violet’s estate as they pay her a visit to discuss some last details of the upcoming expedition …