Manshin / “Straw”


Manshin, or “Straw” as he’s called by almost everyone who knows him, is a young baroc who lives in the harbor district of Serpent’s End. His nickname comes from the color scheme of his scales: the light yellow with brown stripes make it pretty difficult to spot him between piles of straw or hay … something he has had to make use of from time to time.

He is part of the same band of performers that Halen is a member of, and he occasionally impresses the audience with his nimbleness or his skills with his throwing knives. This is more of a hobby to him, though, and he is constantly involved in all kinds of schemes, most of which are not even barely legal. His greatest asset here are his cunning mind and his talent to use charm and humour to divert the attention away from the danger he might pose.

First appearance:

Straw first appeared at the start of chapter IV, where he is shown befriending Shara while she played with the thought of becoming a member of the artist troupe herself. Ultimately she seemed more interested in Straw’s other “hobbies”, though …