Katharina Arkadia Grauch


Katharina is a young human woman who originally hails from the city of Backstown in the human kingdom of Alamond. She was born with a noticeable magic gift and left her home at the early age of 16 to join the Mages’ Guild, an independent institution that has guild halls in a lot of human and byzarian cities.

She has profited greatly from the fact that the Mages’ Guild is one of the few institutions in Yra where a human woman can have career on her own, without being married. She has worked very hard to become an expert in the field of Baroc and Tyr’Enn history as well as earning the honors of being allowed to call herself a fourth grade magician.


Since she has done quite her share of travelling in her role as scholar and student of history she is not as unworldly as one would expect a Mages’ Guild member to be, but due to coming from a rich family and a sheltered home she has yet to experience the full extend of uglyness the world is able to provide.

All in all she is an intelligent and curious person who loves exploring and meeting new places and people. She is  aware that she might sometimes approach the world a bit too naive and sincerely hopes she won’t regret it one day.

First appearance:

A few weeks before the start of this story a letter arrived at the Mages’ Guild in Backstown, originating from the guild halls in Blackshire. They were requesting the help of a historian and archeologist, but couldn’t exactly specify why or for what purpose – but it apparently was urgent. Thus she began her travel into the southwest. In the small town of Khalia she met Shara, a rough byzarian who was on the road herself, and decided it would be safer for two women to travel together. Shara reluctantly agreed to accompany her for a moderate fee.