Aken Ne’ph


Aken is one of relatively few Tyr’Enn living in the southern regions of Yra. He was born in the byzarian city of Vasugar and has never actually seen the Tyr’Enn homeland. Despite his racial origin he is not very versed in the use of magic – so he took the path of an ordinary criminal, mostly trying to take what he wants without attracting too much attention.

When he came to Blackshire a few years ago, he took advantage of the absence of any organized crime groups in the city and found his niche as an information dealer, well known by the crooks and mostly ignored by the guards.

First appearance:

Aken first appeared in chapter I, where he has separate run-ins with both Katharina and Shara, who each are looking for something different at that time. The amount of help he is able to provide varies …