Main Cast


Travelling scholar, well versed in magic as well as history. Generally a kind person and time and again wondering what she has gotten herself into.


A grumpy young woman whose lack of manners or basic courtesy continues to particularly appall Katharina.


An incredibly sweet person who always expects the best of everyone. If you are having a bad day he will find you and he will hug you.

Other Characters


The small and grimey town at the edge of the jungle

Master Coumi

Guild master of the Mages’ Guild in Blackshire. Has a pretty drowsy voice.



Juggler, information trader and small time gangster. Occasionally throws fruit at people.


A big, scary drak who seldom smiles and knows how to survive almost everywhere. Carries (and swings) a big axe.

Serpent’s End

Run by the Mages’ Guild and the closest city to the Great Wall.

People from the Mages’ Guild

Master Peck

Guild Master of the Mages’ Guild in Serpent’s End. Also effective mayor of the city. Is not known to show his nice side, but Halen insists it does exist.

Prof. Queahn

An older baroc scholar who is also a member of the Mages’ Guild and part of the expedition. Sometimes has problems to know when to keep his knowledge to himself.

Prof. Brahms

An expert on the history of Serpent’s End and another scholar on the Mages’ Guild’s expedition. Has some problems admitting when he is wrong.


A little boy who was orphaned early and ended up in the guild due to his magic ability. Likes making fire a little bit too much.

Frederick Arland

A rough older man who works as a carriage driver for the Mages’ Guild. Likes to smoke his pipe and be left alone.

Lt. Kemyran

A seasoned professional who leads the group of guards protecting the expedition. Is pretty sure they can handle anything that will happen.

Fernanda Arland

One of the Mages’ Guild’s guards. An energetic and sometimes over-eager young woman. Also Frederik’s daughter.

Eddis Tashel

One of the Mages’ Guild’s guards. Does not really approve of a woman leading the whole thing.

Thomas Green

One of the Mages’ Guild’s guards. Can’t do any magic himself, but that never clouds his mood.


One of the Mages’ Guild’s guards. A little full of himself but basically a decent guy.

Toyhe Gavhani

One of the Mages’ Guild’s guards. Can be quite vicious if you let him. He and Bac’Bessh are bros.

Chris Wilborn

One of the Mages’ Guild’s guards. Skilled in magic as well as first aid and sarcasm.


One of the Mages’ Guild’s guards. Seldom talks and never smiles. If he has a last name nobody knows it.


A member of the Guild who likes to read and make cocktails. Sometimes has their head a bit far in the clouds.

Other people from the city

Cpt. Slania

Guard captain of Serpent’s End and head of the city’s defences. A very large and scary woman, but luckily not too easy to anger.

Lady Violet

A ruthless businesswoman with a lot of influence. Was once very beautiful and is still very dangerous.


The owner of the “Serpent’s Tail”, a popular tavern near the harbor of Serpent’s End. Gets annoyed pretty quickly if some dumb mammal mistakes her for a man.


A cunning young baroc with a charming smile and dextrous fingers. Is also very good at throwing knives – though normally only for entertainment purposes.

Pesh Azveddan

The ranger who was hired to act as a guide for the Mages’ Guild’s expedition. Comes from a noble family and always carries his nose at an appropriate height.

Jester Book

Lady Violet’s assistant and bookkeeper. Is as good with books and numbers as his name suggests, but not as funny as he sometimes thinks.


One of Lady Violet’s thugs. Generally not a very bright person, but don’t say that to their face.


A young man who works as a prostitute in Serpent’s End together with his brother. Is professionally obligated to always show his abs.


Cuff’s younger brother who shares his profession. Has a reputation of having a “magic” tongue (if you know what he means, wink wink).


New to the city. Leader of the local arm to the Black Fist (pun intended).

Lord Harnicky

Member of the city council. Has always been very vocal about his dislike of Master Peck and his term as a mayor.

Lady Ilviam

Member of the city council. Owns the mines north of the city and thinks there is no problem the right people can’t fix by talking about it (as long as she is one of them).


Member of the city council. Head of the Kari’cheta clan. Is (or tries to be) the de-facto leader of the Baroc community in Serpent’s End.

Lord Bertrand

Member of the city council. Usually the most cautious one, although he is the only one with a title that is actually recognized elsewhere. Nobody is sure if he really needs that monocle.

Lt. Ricard

Member of the city guard under Captain Slania. Very loyal to the city in general and her commanding officer specifically. Is constantly worried about something (or maybe her face just looks like that).


The capital of the Tyr’Enn republic, far up in the north.


A “Gena”, an incredibly powerful Mage and kind of a celebrity for the Tyr’Enn. Unfortunately also power-hungry and lacking any empathy. Not the best role model.


Former Dragoon, now loyal servant of Ki’i’Mar. Has not only a high tolerance for pain but also kind of a thing for it.

Chancellor Eshar

Factual current leader of the Tyr’Enn republic. Although his work mostly consists of trying to get the six other council member to agree on anything.

Councillor Beol

A member of the Tyr’Enn council who represents the province of the White Pass. A proud advocate of the negotiation tactic “the loudest argument wins”.

Councillor Amshi’Kar

A member of the Tyr’Enn council who represents the province of Amennon and oversees the diplomatic relations with the south. Usually very level-headed but hard to stop once she sets sight on something.

Councillor Ahry

A member of the Tyr’Enn council who represents the province of the Crystal Islands. Is highly sceptical of the Gena and the whole cult surrounding her.


The “Head of Spies” of Kan’Dannen who oversees the School of Defense and is responsible for the protection for the Tyr’Enn people against external and internal threats. Has lost his eyes and is thus mostly relying on telepathics to observe his surroundings.

First Dragoon Bhar

Highest ranking dragoon and captain of the group that was sent as Ki’i’Mar’s escort. Dutiful, disciplined and absolutely humourless.

Dragoon Na’Ki

One of the dragoons who were sent with Ki’i’Mar as an escort. Is unusually short for a soldier, but pretty stout to make up for it.

Dragoon Mannec

One of the dragoons who were sent with Ki’i’Mar as an escort. Twin brother of Thelle and one of the most relaxed of the bunch (unless you harm his sister).

Dragoon Thelle

One of the dragoons who were sent with Ki’i’Mar as an escort. Twin sister of Mannec and pretty short-tempered.

Dragoon Gherroc

One of the dragoons who were sent with Ki’i’Mar as an escort. Is pretty grumpy since he lost his ear to a flame attack (but probably wasn’t much different before).

Dragoon Shisa’Fenn

One of the dragoons who were sent with Ki’i’Mar as an escort. The oldest one of the bunch. Doesn’t talk much and is quite tall.


The big, neutral trading port built on opportunity and desperation

Gideon Harwick

A young byzarian lad who was Shara’s friend and lover back when they were both gang members in the big city. Was always the more optimistic of the two.