Alistair Coumi

Alistair Coumi


Alistair Coumi is the Guild Master of the Mages’ Guild in the city of Blackshire. He originally joined the Guild in Goldhaven and already spent several decades there as a member before he left and travelled to Blackshire to become the leader of his own Guild hall.

Blackshire has always been distrustful of the Mages’ Guild, especially in the last months – something Master Coumi knows all to well from his time in Goldhaven. Leading a guild hall in this atmosphere for over ten years has made him very careful and weary not to draw the ire of the general populace.

This is also reflected in his mannerisms: he likes to appear as an tired and slightly confused old man in worn out robes, but you’d do best not to underestimate his intelligence.

First appearance:

Alistair Coumi first appears in chapter I as the first destination of Katharina’s travels, being the one who wrote the letter that summoned her. Unfortunately (for her) he has some new information …