Shara Nemah


Shara was born as one of several children of two commoners in the city-state of Soaleyvin deep in the western desert. Not content to a live of toil and poverty that awaits everyone there who is not part of the ruling class she decided to run away from home and seek her luck somewhere else in the world.

At the young age of 12 she arrived in Goldhaven, a huge trading port and one of the largest cities in the known world. Being without money, home, parents or education her only chance to survive was joining one of the gangs that thrive in the poor parts of the city, one called the “Black Fist”.

Shara spent the next several years living a life of crime and violence until she decided she had enough and tried to run away one more time, now together with Gideon, her boyfriend. Unfortunately the Black Fist does not like quitters, and she ended up having to leave Gideon behind to secure her own escape.

After this her lone goal was getting as far way as possible from Goldhaven and the Black Fist by travelling southwards, robbing and doing small time jobs on the way to make a living.

First appearance:

Shortly before the start of this story, Shara met Katharina in Khalia, a small city on the Southern Plains. She wasn’t too thrilled about her proposal to travel together, her being a mage and all. But they both were on the way in the same direction and she promised to pay her enough money to have something to eat for the next months, so she eventually agreed to come along …


Shara’s whole life was marked by the struggle to survive. She is distrustful and used to being only able to rely on herself. She is also used to solving problems violence and does not have any experience in polite communication to speak of. Despite all this she does want to leave that part of her life behind. All the things she has done as part of the Black Fist weigh heavier on her concience as she’d like to admit to anyone.

So she tries to become somewhat honest now, but is also still firmly convinced that being selfish is the only way to survive this world – a contradiction that unsettles her a lot and results in her not really knowing what to do with her life, apart from what is necessary to live and see the next day.

She also carries a strong dislike for mages, something that comes mainly the fact that the Black Fist openly hates them, but also because she feels they have been given an unfair advantage in a life while she had to struggle so hard.