Lady Violet

Amanda Hoffrin / “Lady Violet”


Lady Amanda Hoffrin, or “Lady Violet”, how she likes to be called (despite not actually being any kind of nobility), is a woman that many people in Serpent’s End know and few dare to cross. Details about her origins and her earlier life are difficult to aquire, but it is clear she was already quite successful in all kinds of businesses in other parts of the world, be it in the independent Goldhaven or over in the human kingdom of Alamond. Morality or conscience was never an issue for her during all of that.

Nowadays she lives in a pompous estate in the southern parts of Serpent’s End and holds a lot of influence in the city. She achieves that mostly by having a lot of connections to local crime as well as having a lot of the public figures in the city owing favors to her. Her constant attempts at gaining total control over the city make her a direct opponent of the Mages’ Guild in general and Master Peck in particular – although the two of them already seem to have had some kind of history in the past …

First appearance:

Lady Violet was first mentioned in chapter III of this story, as one of the financial backers of the Mages’ Guild’s expedition … a fact that seemed strange to Halen and Katharina given the obvious animosity between Lady Violet and Master Peck.