Alt-text: "The bongs are back."

And here we are in chapter 8! I was tempted to link the last appearances for these two but then I remembered: that's what the character tags below the comic are for! If you're curious, just click on them :)

... oh right, the chapter name. I'll probably explain that more in detail once I get to do the chapter title page for this one. Which might be ... who knows when ;)

Oh, alright ... Ki'i'Mar explained it here. It's an old word, etymological root for "Gena", and in her own words stands for "[...] 'The Apex', 'The final goal'. That which everything has been leading up to. [...] It could also mean the resolution of a story. The climax if you will. Other times it could mean the end of the world."


Ironically, this is not going to be the final chapter. There'll be one more after this.

As mentioned before:

The last regular update this year will be on December 17th, with the next one starting again on January 14th.

In the weeks between, if you have some more questions for the cast we could do some more Q&A! So if you have something you always wanted to ask one of the characters (or me the author directly), just let me know in a comment, as a mail to or as a DM over at my Deviantart.

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