Alt-text: "Yes, Yra now officially has two moons."

(Note: The next page might be a bit later than usual since I once again am not sure when I'll be back on sunday)

And here we are in chapter five. We start by taking a look at the one and only, incredible and mighty Gena (no autographs).

They are still quite a way from Serpent's End or whatever they're trying to search down there ... but they basically have to travel across the whole known world to get down there. They are faster than most people due to being able to teleport quite large distances (with recuperation periods in between), but it's still a huge distance.

Also Ki'i'Mar oversimplifies a bit here for the sake of a dramatic monolouge ... there actually is no such thing as "the ancient language" ... there were several, each with a lot of variations and dialects, some better preserved than others. But who has time for linguistics?

In other news: I'm trying to rework the cast page a bit - the old form of "write everything underneach each other" would have gotten unreadable quite soon. Also the old pictures were quite terrible. Right now I only have my main characters, there ... which include Halen now. I think he's earned the promotion.

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