Somehow Ki’i’Mar seems a bit more approachable than the last times we saw her. Might be just an act, though …

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I tweaked the last page of chapter IV a bit, by the way – nothing much, I just added a few more lines for Katharina at the beginning to make it a little more apparent what happens in her head there (thanks for the feedback about that  DotE ;)).

↓ Transcript
Ki'i'Mar: <sighs> Don't BE like that all the time ... it's bad enough when MAQ does it!
Ki'i'Mar: <imitates Maq> "Yes Gena, as you say Gena, your wish is my command Gena ... "
Ki'i'Mar: It's like talking to a DOG.
Ki'i'Mar: ... maybe I'm EXAGGERATING. But you DO have some remarkable PUPPY-EYES, did you know that? At least Maq knows that he can speak his mind around me if he REALLY feels like it. You can - no, you SHOULD . do that, too, by the way.
Na'Ki': ... we are all just here to serve you, Gena. Maw as well as us.
Ki'i'Mar: Yesyes, SURE ... I'm very glad it was possible for him to come along, too. I know he TECHNICALLY is not a Dragoon anymore ... but I'd have TERRIBLY missed him and his ... DRY HUMOUR. Do you like him?
Na'Ki: ... excuse me, Gena?
Ki'i'Mar: <smiles> Are you GETTING ALONG, Dragoon Na'Ki? THAT is what I'm asking. I'm sure there was SOMEONE who didn't like him joining the ranks again.
Na'Ki: ... no, Gena. Everything is fine. We cooperate well.
Ki'i'Mar: <puts her hands on Na'Ki's shoulders from behind> GOOD. I wouldn't want there to be any kind of ... BAD BLOOD in our LITTLE FELLOWSHIP.