Look, pine trees! They are shorthand here for “they’re still pretty far up north”. At least they’re already out of the “always snowy” zone … that why this part is called “The Green North” in opposition to “The White North”.

Well the Tyr’Enn probably have more detailed names for the regions up there but I’m going with the broad strokes like Katharina would see them on a world map in a library.

Also I’ve added Master Coumi, Aken and Kshar to the new Cast page – I’m trying to group them a bit by the places they appeared in. I might shift that around a little for characters that turn up a little more often. For example: Kshar first appeared in Blackshire but now we’ve also seen him in Serpent’s End – but for now I’ve grouped him under “Blackshire”.

The plan is to list all the chars there in the overview page and add detail pages with more Info as I get to it … it will probably be a slow process, depending on how much extra time I’ll have after finishing the page for each week. The coming week, for example will be quite busy, as well as the weekend that follows, and I’m still trying to rebuild the buffer from last time so … I might even have to post a filler page in one of the coming weeks. But probably not the next one. We’ll see – I hope you understand.

↓ Transcript
Na'Ki: Of course, Gena. Is there anything more you need from me?
Ki'i'Mar: HMF ... no that's all. I was just trying to get to know you a bit better.
Na'Ki: Me?
Ki'i'Mar: Yes, YOU. Does that surprise you? I wanted to get an idea of ALL of you, considering we're going to spend the next MONTHS together ...
Na'ki: I ... do not wish to sound DISRESPECTFUL, Gena, but ... am I allowed to speak freely?
Ki'i'Mar: Didn't I JUST tell you you ARE, Dragoon Na'Ki?
Na'Ki: Yes, I'm sorry Gena. ... Is knowing us not IRRELEVANT to this mission? We are DRAGOONS and you are our GENA. We are here to SERVE you. What else do you need to know?
Na'Ki: N-no, Gena, I APOLOGIZE -
Ki'i'Mar: Don't. I love it. And let me tell you something, Dragoon: No one is only ONE thing.
Ki'i'Mar: Take my dear MAQ: He was a Dragoon, just like YOU. And in his heart he still IS. Big on DISCIPLINE and SERVICE and all those things. He is also unbelievable, RIDICILOUSLY layol to me, which is why he left the Dragoons to serve ME - even if that apparently is some kind of SACRILEGE or something. You probably know WHY better than me. He is also an IDEALIST ... and he loves to SING when he thinks I'm not hearing it.
Ki'i'Mar: <quietly> It sounds TERRIBLE, believe me.