Na'Ki: Gena, I didn't want to -
Na'Ki: ... yes, Gena.
Ki'i'Mar: What I just said applies to you and your comrades as well. Do you know what I SAW IN YOUR FACES when Maq joined you there on the Council Plaza? Even though you all tried very hard to look STOIC?
<Ki'i'Mar comes closer to Na'Ki>
Ki'i'Mar: At least two of you were HEAVILY DISGUSTED by just having to be near him. Most of the others just sseemed to be a bit ... frustrated. ANNOYED, maybe. The ONLY one who didn't seem to mind too much ... was YOU.
<Ki'i'mar touches Na'Ki's cheek>
Ki'i'Mar: Which seemed ODD to me ... but maybe you are a bit more OPEN-MINDED to the CHAOS and OPPORTUNITIES that life throws at us, and not as CAST IN STONE and SHACKLED by your dogmas like the rest of you ...
Na'Ki: <blushes> I-I ...
Ki'i'Mar: Don't worry, you don't have to comment on that. It'd probably get you into trouble ... and we can't have that, can we?
<Ki'i'Mar turns to leave>
Ki'i'Mar: You are DISMISSED, Dragoon Na'Ki. You can go now.



Alt-text: "Now that's an uneven power balance if I ever saw one ..."

You might remember that Maq is only with them on the express wish of Ki'i'Mar. Normally the Dragoons wouldn't even spit on him if he was on fire. We might learn a bit more about that soon. Also I like panel 3.

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