Alt-text: "I hope no one else enters that conversation or I'll be running out of geometric shapes for the bubbles."

So that's the telepathic link they've been talking about. I should note that they are not sharing all their thoughts and emotions here, instead they set up a closed telepathic communication channel through which you can actively send messages. Since it's still an abstraction layer over the actual mind the messages are still relatively close to the formulated sentences you see here, although they can be dipped in certain emotions (For example Thelle wouldn't really send a "Hmf", rather a small burst of frustration). It's a bit like a private chatroom, just with less cat memes. Here's to hoping that the NSA (aka the Gena) does not gain access ...

I like how the telepathic speech bubbles turned out, I wanted to make them a variation of the normal thought bubbles, but with some magic blue mixed in. I hope it is still easy enough to see who "said" what here.

One thought on “page293

  1. Worked perfectly well for me :)
    I just hope the Gena can’t listen in on that link ^.-

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