Thelle: <telepathically> ... yes, Sir. I apologize.
Captain Bhar: <telepathically> We will keep observing her. But what we have experienced so far seems to confirm the council's assessment of her. We will be forced to take action if it gets worse.
<Na'Ki approaches Captain Bhar>
Na'Ki: <telepathically> Sir? I am ... not entirely SURE of that assessment. She surely is EGOCENTRIC and UNPREDICTABLE, but -
Captain Bhar: <telepathically> DON'T LET HER MANIPULATE YOU, SISTER. She excels at that. Lest you end up as her personal PET, like that disgrace MAQ that we are forced to drag along and treat like an equal.
Captain Bhar: <telepathically> Now SILENCE, everyone. The more we use the link the more likely it is to be detected.
Maq: <from his guard post outside the camp> SIR? The sun is rising already. Shouldn't we get ready to move? The Gena strongly DISLIKES having to wait.
Captain Bhar: ... yes, BROTHER MAQ, you are right. GET READY TO MOVE, EVERYONE!
The other Dragoons: YES, SIR!
Na'Ki: <murmuring> ... yes, Sir.



Alt-text: "Don't you hate it when people think about you behind your back?"

I was in a rush to get the sun to rise so I'd have to draw less shadows again.

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