Alt-text: "For some reason Shara gets Lillian-esque hair every time she's dreaming ..."

It's dream time again. Just a harmless little ... er... romantic dream. What could be wrong about that? Just like with the telepathy I hope it should be clear enough who is "saying" what here, the "Gideon-Green" should be enough to give it away.

I updated the cast page with a few more faces ... some of them even have links to detail pages! And some of these detail pages even have portraits!! Wow. The cast page'll continue to grow at a pace depending on how much time I have for drawing digitally, physically, or writing texts, so ... not everything will be there at the same time, I guess.

One thought on “page295

  1. The cast page is shaping up nicely! I especially love that you use colored portraits on it :)
    And I especially love the portrait on Aken’s page – makes me wonder if he’ll reappear on the digging site as Aken Jones :D

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