Once again I’m not sure when I’ll be back home tomorrow, so … I’ll just post this on saturday! Jay!

Also … welcome to the jungle (again). I tried around a bit with some minimalistic art for the background … because there’s gonna be a lot of jungle and a lot of characters in the jungle, and I still want to be able to finish a page a week. Let’s see how it turns out in the long run.

↓ Transcript
<Shara wakes up from a nap between the boxes on an expedition wagon>
Frederick: <from the front> ... Havin' nice dreams, Lady?
Shara: Mnh ... <grunts>
Frederick: I'm surprised y'can sleep between those crates. On this bumpy road at that.
Shara: Meh ... I can sleep ANYWHERE if I have to ...
Frederick: Well good fer you I guess. Once we're off the road there'll be no more wagons to sleep on.
Shara: Why, we gonna leave'em behind?
Frederick: Sure, and load everythin' on them horses and beasts. There's no roads where we're going. S'what dem MAGES told me at least.
Shara: So what, we just gonna ASSUME the wagons'll still be there when we're back?
Frederick: Why not? Who's gonna steal 'em out here?
Shara: I dunno ... bandits?
Frederick: Not if there's no FOOD or GOLD in'em.
Frederick: Don't even JOKE about that, Lady ...