Alt-text: "That guy has almost as much fur as Shara."

Once again I'm not sure when I'll be back home tomorrow, so ... I'll just post this on saturday! Jay!

Also ... welcome to the jungle (again). I tried around a bit with some minimalistic art for the background ... because there's gonna be a lot of jungle and a lot of characters in the jungle, and I still want to be able to finish a page a week. Let's see how it turns out in the long run.

One thought on “page296

  1. I’d rather expect that the bandits keep checking on the wagons occasionally to be ready for the moment when their owners come back, probably loaded down with food and gold … but that’s what Shara is there for.

    You could try preparing soe generic jungle background from which you cut-and-paste parts for the panels, adding only a bit here and there … I don’t think anyone would mind if you concentrate on the main story characters and not so much on giving each panel a unique background ^^ I mean, it’s what they keep doing in animation films … and it is even done in real films occasionally, when filming in studios, they just let the same background roll by again and again in the background, and hardly anyone ever notices, or rather, cares ^^
    (Though of course I love it whenever you decide to create a detailed unique background! But – priorities!)

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