Shara: Say ... it's FRED, right?
Frederick: Frederick.
Shara: Like I said. Where's the BOSS MAGE? I don't see her anywhere ...
Frederick: Went ahead with that ranger. Told us to wait for'em at the next waystone.
Shara: The ranger? UGH. You mean that WHITE-FURRED BLOWHARD? I hate that fucker ... why didn't she TELL ME, though?
Frederick: She TRIED to. Was here not too long ago. Saw you were asleep an' decided to LETCHA. Not sure if I'd do the same if I were your boss ...
<Shara ducks into the wagon to grab and put on her gear>
Shara: Ah for FUCK'S ... she's not my BOSS, we're PARTNERS! Now where'd that stupid girl run off to?
Frederick: Over there, by that small creek. But I'm not sure ya should follow them, Lady ...
Shara: Why not?
Frederick: Well with yer LEG -
<Shara jumps out of the wagon and lands in style>
Shara: ... WHY? What's with my leg? <murmuring> ... DAMN that hurt.



Alt-text: "Superhero landings take practice, Shara."

Hey, Fred.

The cast page has grown some more. As you might have noticed I decided to group them by location (in which they first appeared). I'm also adding them roughly in the order they appeared, so the "Serpent's End" section is gonna get even bigger ... like with Fred here. Maybe I'll have to find some more categories to group by.

Also some of the smaller characters that just have been on two pages so far (like Khima) might not get a detail page too soon.

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  1. Right, said Fred!
    Sorry, this had to be said. And it’s true, anyway!

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