If you’re wondering why she’s thinking of the jungle as female instead of neutral … it’s a cultural thing. The byzarians do like personifying concepts of nature. And as much as Shara likes to pretend she’s a big city kid, she still heard those stories when she was a little child.

↓ Transcript
<Shara is walking through the jungle as her metal leg keeps getting stuck on plants>
Shara: <thinking> Oh god fuckin' DAMN he's right ... this metal leg just isn't made for wading through UNDERGROWTH ...
Shara: <thinking> But what good am I in this frickin' jungle if I need to get CARRIED AROUND everywhere! NO! No more getting carried! I'm not here as your CHARITIY PROJECT, Kat! I'm gonna fuckin' WALK!
Shara: You HEAR that you STUPID JUNGLE? You took my leg and I'm STILL WALKING! THROUGH YOU! FUCK YOU! If you had a face I'd PUNCH it!
Shara: ... wait, what was the right direction again?
Shara: <thinking>Godammit PAY ATTENTION! You can't -
Shara: <thinking>WAIT I hear them. They're right over there. Everything's FINE.
<you can hey Katharina and Pesh talking in the distance>
Pesh: That's been hanging here for at least a few days, so there shouldn't been an IMMEDIATE danger. Just thought you should see it.
Katharina: Y-yes ... thank you, Pesh.
Shara: <thinking>Fuckin' damn it. If I had gotten LOST now or stepped on ANOTHER poison plant ... this fuckin' jungle would've PISSED herself laughing ...