Don’t worry. There won’t be any closeups of this.

A refresher on the forsaken: They’re basically baroc who fled or were driven out of the Serpent Empire and settled in the Great Jungle outside the wall. Sometimes they mix up with bandits, criminals and other undesirables from the other lands … and they’re mostly nothing more than bandits themself, robbing and killing people unfortunately enough to run into them. Some people would argue that “forsaken” is just a fancy name some murderers gave themselves.

The group Katharina, Shara and Kshar ran into in Chapter II were kind of an example of that.

↓ Transcript
<Katharina continues to talk to Pesh while Shara approaches from behind>
Katharina: B-but, eh, wouldn't it have been enough to ... to TELL me?
Pesh: Ma'am, you're here to FIND things, right? So you intend to do that by KEEPING YOUR EYES CLOSED and getting things told SECOND-HAND?
Katharina: N-No I ... I guess you are right. Does that mean that - W-WAIT WHO'S THERE?
Pesh: Don't worry Ma'am, it's just your ... "partner".
Shara: RELAX, Kat. It's ME. Why the HELL didn' you ...
<Shara looks up to what Pesh and Katharina were talking about: A tree with the decaying corpses of a human and two byzarians tied to it as some kind of display>
Shara ... well holy fuck.
Pesh: To answer your question Miss Grauch: Yes, this means we're now in FORSAKEN TERRITORY.
Katharina: <quietly> H-how can somebody DO this ... ?