Alt-text: "I should have named the chapter 'V: A bunch of dweebs in the jungle (and Shara)'"

Well you did come back into the jungle on your own free will, Kat ...  

Also: Page 300, wow. That's 30% of Leftover Soup's running length. Unlike him I don't know how many pages are yet to come ...

The cast page still needs a lot of small portraits for all the tyr'enn councillors and dragoons, followed by everyone new in this chapter ... but right now I'm a bit occupied with something else: I'm trying to make another guest strip submission for Go Get a Roomie. I'll let you know what becomes of it!

2 thoughts on “page300

  1. Alt text: Nah, creepy foreshadowing chapter titles are much better than just stating facts ^^

    And congratulations on the 300!!! It’s an amazing number …

    1. Yea, especially if you love spartans! Coincidentially Soaleyvin is somewhat based on sparta … coincidence?!

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