Well you did come back into the jungle on your own free will, Kat …


Also: Page 300, wow. That’s 30% of Leftover Soup’s running length. Unlike him I don’t know how many pages are yet to come …

The cast page still needs a lot of small portraits for all the tyr’enn counillors and dragoons, followed by everyone new in this chapter … but right now I’m a bit occupied with something else: I’m trying to make another guest strip submission for Go Get a Roomie. I’ll let you know what becomes of it!

↓ Transcript
Shara: C'mon, Kat. Let's go back to the others. Quickly.
Katharina: Yes ... b-but shouldn't we ... BURY them or something?
Shara: Do YOU wanna spend the next hours handling ROTTING CORPSES while waiting fot the guys who did this to coma back? 'Cause I don't. We're LEAVING.
<Shara starts dragging Katharina behind her, back through the jungle>
Shara: And please do me a favor and GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. I'm pretty sure you can't afford a BREAKDOWN right now.
Katharina: Alright, FINE, I'm coming! Don't treat me like a CHILD! I was just ... SHAKEN! Don't tell me you felt NOTHING when you saw that! S-Seeing STRUNG UP CORPSES and being scared is NORMAL!
Shara: I bet you THREW UP when you first saw them. In front of that PESH guy.
Katharina: ... maybe. So what if I did? It was DISGUSTING! What about you? Have you really gotten USED to ... to something like THAT?
Shara: <mumbling> Not the first time I saw guts hanging out, no.
Katharina: ... I-I kinda PITY you now, Shara:
Shara: I'll do you a favor and IGNORE that.
Katharina: But still ... that could've been US, Shara! You know, back on the way here! Doesn't that concern you AT ALL?
Shara: It DOES. But instead of thinking about how that COULD have been us I'm just glad that it WASN'T. Focus on the THINGS AT HAND, Kat! If you REALLY want to lead this bunch of dweebs through this jungle you have to KEEP IT TOGETHER!
Katharina: I ... UGH. <mumbling> I hate it when you're RIGHT and INSULTING at the same time ...