<Katharina and Shara approach the rest of the expedition and are being greeted by two of the guild's guards>
Guard: Ma'am! We were just going to go looking for you. We've reached the waystone - is everything allright?
Katharina: Yes, thank you er ... Vernanda?
Guard: FERNANDA, ma'am.
Katharina: YES, sorry! Everything is fine, we just found ... traces of the FORSAKEN. Be sure to be on your guard. We should be too big of a group for them to handle, but they might look for moments of CARELESSNESS.
Guard: Yes, ma'am!
Shara: <whispers> "signs", eh?
Katharina: <whispers> No need to go into the ... GRUESOME DETAILS.
Shara: <whispers> Sure.
Shara: And what makes you such an expert on these forsaken guys all of sudden?
Katharina: I've READ about them! And Pesh told me a bit, too. He knows a lot about them.
Shara: PLEASE, that guy wouldn't know what bandits think if they BIT HIM IN THE ASS ...
Katharina: What makes you so sure about that?
Shara: Trust me.
<Katharina sighs>
Shara: By the way, how about you start following your own advice and STAY IN THE LARGE GROUP? Instead of running off into the woods alone, WITHOUT ME, the one you HIRED to protect you?
Katharina: I didn't hink it was necessary to wake you! I was with -
Shara: I SWEAR ON MY MOTHER'S GRAVE: If you mention Pesh again I will PUNCH YOU IN THE THROAT! Repeatedly! Until you stop!
Katharina: Why does he get you so RILED UP? <quiet> ... is it the abs?



Alt-text: "No, Kat, she is not called 'Veranda' ... "

Shara is not actually sure if her mother is still alive. She doesn't particularly care, either.

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  1. Ha! That’s what real friendship sounds like. They are on a good way, these two!

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