Katharina: Okay ... I think I'll tell everyone we'll take a short break. I certainly need one ... don't worry I'll stay in the group this time!
Shara: Whatever.
<Katharina leaves>
Pesh: <from behind> You do realize I am still behind you, right?
Shara: You! Have you been LISTENING?!
Pesh: You made it kinda hard NOT to. It seems you and your friend tend to forget the world around you when you start arguing. Not a very healthy thing to do. Especially in a place like THIS.
Shara: You know what? I don't CARE if you heard me! And don't you DARE tell me what to do - I have survived things you can't IMAGINE!
Pesh: Stealing bread from children is NOT the same as surviving in the jungle. I'm sure you had a ROUGH CHILDHOOD but it looks like you are OUT OF YOUR ELEMENT here.
Shara: Just SHUT UP and leave me alone! I don't need advice from some NOBLE BOY who wants to play adventurer ...
Pesh: ... what makes you think I'm a noble?
Shara: PLEASE. With your SNOW-WHITE FUR and THOSE ears? You couldn't look more like a SOALEYVIN SNOB if you wore a TIARA.
Pesh: I do NOT own a tiara.
Shara: AWWW ... really? Did you have to leave it at home?
Pesh: I have NEVER owned a tiara.
Shara: You know, I could ask KAT for you. Maybe she has a spare.



Alt-text: "Don't encourage her, Pesh ..."

Of course not everyone born to a noble family in Soaleyvin automatically has white fur ... but most of them do. It's a nice way to see if some bloodline is still "pure" enough ... it's a bit like the Weasleys and their red hair. Only ... not really, I guess.

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  1. The Return of the Tiara … ^^

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