Pesh: Do you ALWAYS pick fights with everyone you meet?
Shara: No, just with people I DON'T LIKE.
Pesh: So ... EVERYONE.
Shara: I CAN like people. Just not ENTITLED PRICKS who think they're better than me.
Pesh: Did I ever SAY I was better than you?
Shara: No but you obviously THOUGHT it.
Pesh: Well, I have a better SENSE OF HYGIENE, sure. And a better EDUCATION. And some SELF-COMPOSURE and BASIC DECENCY to speak of. But apart from that ...
Shara: Very funny, fuckhead. You realize that after a week in the jungle you'll be as DIRTY as the rest of us peasants? Your precious white fur is ALREADY getting spotty, you know ...
Pesh: Come on, Shara, do you really think I'd become a RANGER if I was bothered by dirt?
Pesh: I know sometimes getting dirty is unavoidable. And can be FUN.
<Pesh flexes his muscles>
Pesh: In the end it's the BODY beneath the dirty fur that's important, don't you agree?
Shara: ALRIGHT that's enough - I'm gonna leave now before you make me PUKE ...
Pesh: <laughs> ... suit yourself, I have work to do, anyways.
Shara: <thinking> Gods, what a GIGANTIC DICKBAG. Why did Kat have to hire someone like HIM?
Shara: <thinking> There HAD to be other candidates ... who weren't that asshole KSHAR. She WAS right about his abs, though ... FUCK.



Alt-text: "To be fair, Kshar would have had even bigger abs."

Not much to say today, not getting to much more than the comic pages these days.

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