At least Katharina has yet to throw something at him. And even if she does it probably won’t be with the intend to kill. So … it could be worse!

↓ Transcript
<Katharina is somewhere off to the side, trying to calm down>
Katharina: <thinking> ... what have I gotten myself into? Why did I come here? AGAIN? Ok, calm down. Shara's RIGHT. I need to stay CALM and CONFIDENT. There's no reason to -
<Jester Book appears behind her>
Book: Miss Grauch?
Katharina: <startled> HNG! Mister Book! How do you DO that!
Book: Excuse me?
Katharina: You always just APPEAR RIGHT BEHIND ME! Every time I'm just a LITTLE BIT distracted!
Book: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to startle you ... but the last time this happened was AT LEAST a few days ago, wasn't it?
Katharina: ... so what?
Book: Well if that was the last time you were distracted you must be an INCREDIBLY focused person!
Katharina: Sorry, are you MOCKING ME?
Book: NO!
Katharina: I HOPE so ...
Book: It was just my ... USUAL MISPLACED HUMOUR.
Katharina: ... you do that a lot don't you?
Book: What exactly?
Katharina: Apologizing.
Book: It has become womewhat of a ... NECESSARY SKILL, yes. Most of Lady Violet's associates like my jokes as much as YOU do.
Katharina: Oh? Well ... I didn't want to come off as TOO harsh ...
Book: Don't worry, I've had MUCH worse reactions.