<Katharina is somewhere off to the side, trying to calm down>
Katharina: <thinking> ... what have I gotten myself into? Why did I come here? AGAIN? Ok, calm down. Shara's RIGHT. I need to stay CALM and CONFIDENT. There's no reason to -
<Jester Book appears behind her>
Book: Miss Grauch?
Katharina: <startled> HNG! Mister Book! How do you DO that!
Book: Excuse me?
Katharina: You always just APPEAR RIGHT BEHIND ME! Every time I'm just a LITTLE BIT distracted!
Book: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to startle you ... but the last time this happened was AT LEAST a few days ago, wasn't it?
Katharina: ... so what?
Book: Well if that was the last time you were distracted you must be an INCREDIBLY focused person!
Katharina: Sorry, are you MOCKING ME?
Book: NO!
Katharina: I HOPE so ...
Book: It was just my ... USUAL MISPLACED HUMOUR.
Katharina: ... you do that a lot don't you?
Book: What exactly?
Katharina: Apologizing.
Book: It has become womewhat of a ... NECESSARY SKILL, yes. Most of Lady Violet's associates like my jokes as much as YOU do.
Katharina: Oh? Well ... I didn't want to come off as TOO harsh ...
Book: Don't worry, I've had MUCH worse reactions.



Alt-text: "Nice hat, Jester."

At least Katharina has yet to throw something at him. And even if she does it probably won't be with the intend to kill. So ... it could be worse!

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