Alt-text: "It seems Book has found a soft spot of hers ..."

I admit sometimes I just try to draw Book at an odd angle so we can still see his eyes behind those glasses.

Announcment: Between the years I'll take a two-week break like last year, which means that on 2018-12-30 and 2019-01-06 I'll only post some doodles or something. So there's two more real pages coming this year, and they're pretty gay!

3 thoughts on “page305

  1. Wait … are these two sweeties flirting?
    I guess Book will get scrutinized even closer by Shara next time!

    1. … maybe? ^.^ Or Kat just *really* likes talking about history …

      1. Yeah but why should she blush about that? And that puppy-dog look Book gives her … hrm. We’ll see!

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