Katharina: Seems like you have a really ... ROUGH job there, Mr. Book.
Book: It, um, CAN be, yes. From time to time. But one has to make a living SOMEHOW, right?
Katharina: Right.
Katharina: Now what can I help you with? I am kind of ... BUSY at the moment.
Book: Oh it's nothing important. I actually wanted to ask if you could tell me a bit about ... HISTORY. Your AREA OF EXPERTISE. But I fully understand if you are too -
Katharina: Wait - you want ME to tell you about ... HISTORY?
Book: Yes! I mentioned I volunteered to be here, right? It sounded so FASCINATING! I was only told as much as needed to fulfill my role here ... mainly the FINANCIAL and LOGISTICAL details of the venture. I don't even know where exactly we are going, what we are hoping to find there ... !
Katharina: I ... didn't quite expect that to be honest. And I'm not sure how much more I can tell you than what you already know ...
Book: But you know about this land, don't you? It's HISTORY, the EMPIRE, the WALL ... you might not know EVERYTHING, but certainly much more than ME. And ... I'm CURIOUS!
Book: <sighs> I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bother you. I'll just -
Katharina: <smiles> You know what? I am a bit too busy to give you a history lesson RIGHT NOW, but ... I'll think about it.
Book: ... really?
Katharina: Really.



Alt-text: "It seems Book has found a soft spot of hers ..."

I admit sometimes I just try to draw Book at an odd angle so we can still see his eyes behind those glasses.

Announcment: Between the years I'll take a two-week break like last year, which means that on 2018-12-30 and 2019-01-06 I'll only post some doodles or something. So there's two more real pages coming this year, and they're pretty gay!

3 thoughts on “page305

  1. Wait … are these two sweeties flirting?
    I guess Book will get scrutinized even closer by Shara next time!

    1. … maybe? ^.^ Or Kat just *really* likes talking about history …

      1. Yeah but why should she blush about that? And that puppy-dog look Book gives her … hrm. We’ll see!

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