I couldn’t leave these two out completely. Also I wanted to show them acting like a couple for once since they’re trying to keep it low in the public.

In case you’re interested, a while ago I made a drawing of a younger, more handsome and less grumpy Gregor Peck. You can check it (and lots of other drawings) out on my DeviantArt account here!


Reminder: Between the years I’ll take a two-week break like last year, which means that on 2018-12-30 and 2019-01-06 I’ll only post some doodles or something.

↓ Transcript
<Serpent's End, Halen and Master Peck are lying in bed>
Halen: ... do you think they're alright?
Peck: Hmf. I'm certain they're fine.
Halen: Are you sure?
Peck: Yes. Don't worry about your friend, Halen. She'll be FINE.
Peck: <getting up> Let's just hope they are SUCCESSFUL. And don't waste TOO much time.
Halen: You know, darling, the way you and Lady Violet talk about it almost sounds like you KNOW what they're going to find there.
Peck: That's NONSENSE, Halen. We don't.
Halen: Then why did you -
Peck: I TOLD you, Halen. It's and UNDISTURBED site with lots of HISTORICAL and possibly MAGICAL potential. Of COURSE the Guild should be interested in it.
Halen: And Lady Violet just OFFERED that information?
Peck: HER people found it, but they don't know anything about ancient ruins, or the TRAPS that might be in there. That's why she approached ME. She just wants a share of the less important findings to sell for money. A HUGE share, of course.
Halen: Sounds like quite a ... FICKLE arrangement you two have made there.
Peck: Hrmf.
Halen: ... you don't trust her to keep it, do you?
Peck: Of course I DON'T.