Alt-text: "Here, have some old man's furry butt. You can thank me later!"

I couldn't leave these two out completely. Also I wanted to show them acting like a couple for once since they're trying to keep it low in the public.

In case you're interested, a while ago I made a drawing of a younger, more handsome and less grumpy Gregor Peck. You can check it (and lots of other drawings) out on my DeviantArt account here!  

Reminder: Between the years I’ll take a two-week break like last year, which means that on 2018-12-30 and 2019-01-06 I’ll only post some doodles or something.

2 thoughts on “page306

  1. What I love most about the Byzarians is that long breast-fur … I think I could play with that for hours ^^
    And … d’awww, Halen, I love you <3

    1. Halen always takes great care that *all* his fur is nice and fluffy, no matter where … Shara’s would probably be rather filthy most of the time.

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