Halen: So what ... what do you think she'll do?
Peck: I'm not sure. But she's capable of ANYTHING.
Halen: You know her pretty well don't you ... ?
Peck: Well enough to know she is RUTHLESS and only cares for MONEY and POWER.
<Halen walks up to Peck>
Halen: You never actually told me how you first met her.
Peck: It's not something you want to hear, Halen.
Halen: Oh, darling ... please let ME decide that, hm?
Peck: It is not something ... I like to talk about. <quiet> It was ... back in Goldhaven. During the TURMOILS.
Halen: ... it's okay, Gregor.
Peck: She already was a VICIOUS, OPPORTUNISTIC BITCH back then and she's only gotten WORSE. That's how I know she WILL try to stab me in the back somehow!
Halen: But ... if you're so SURE ... what about KATHARINA, SHARA AND THE OTHERS? They're all aloneout there! What if Lady Violet sends someone AFTER them? H-how could we just send them out there without -
Peck: HALEN. Don't worry. Everything will be fine.
Halen: I ... WORRY about them, Gregor. If something happens to them ...
Preck: I know. It WON'T I made sure of that. Stop worrying.
Halen: <sighs> ... alright. I love you Gregor.
Gregor: I know.



Alt-text: "At this point I'm not sure Gregor is capable of smiling, anymore. At least he is still capable of Harrison Ford remarks."

That's it for these two for the moment ... and for this year. As announced the next two sundays I will only post some sketches, and in the new year we'll jump right back into the jungle (literally)!

I could have started the pause now already and resume on the january the 6th, but I wanted to finish this scene first.

So in short: Regular comics resume on sunday, 2019-01-13!

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