That’s it for these two for the moment … and for this year. As announced the next two sundays I will only post some sketches, and in the new year we’ll jump right back into the jungle (literally)!

I could have started the pause now already and resume on the january the 6th, but I wanted to finish this scene first.

So in short: Regular comics resume on sunday, 2019-01-13!

↓ Transcript
Halen: So what ... what do you think she'll do?
Peck: I'm not sure. But she's capable of ANYTHING.
Halen: You know her pretty well don't you ... ?
Peck: Well enough to know she is RUTHLESS and only cares for MONEY and POWER.
<Halen walks up to Peck>
Halen: You never actually told me how you first met her.
Peck: It's not something you want to hear, Halen.
Halen: Oh, darling ... please let ME decide that, hm?
Peck: It is not something ... I like to talk about. <quiet> It was ... back in Goldhaven. During the TURMOILS.
Halen: ... it's okay, Gregor.
Peck: She already was a VICIOUS, OPPORTUNISTIC BITCH back then and she's only gotten WORSE. That's how I know she WILL try to stab me in the back somehow!
Halen: But ... if you're so SURE ... what about KATHARINA, SHARA AND THE OTHERS? They're all aloneout there! What if Lady Violet sends someone AFTER them? H-how could we just send them out there without -
Peck: HALEN. Don't worry. Everything will be fine.
Halen: I ... WORRY about them, Gregor. If something happens to them ...
Preck: I know. It WON'T I made sure of that. Stop worrying.
Halen: <sighs> ... alright. I love you Gregor.
Gregor: I know.