Chapter Five

Alt-text: "Kind of a different style from the last title pages - but I think it works well enough with the flat colors, maybe even a bit better?"

Welcome to chapter five: "Into the Abyss"!

This is where we leave the city again! The expedition has finally started, and we are more into adventure territory again!

So there is not actually much to say for expect: sit back and enjoy what the jungle micht have in store for Katharina, Shara and all the people they have brought with them (some of which you might get to know a bit better in this chapter). And because it is literally on the next page: We will also shift our view from time to time over to Ki'i'Mar and her escort of Tyr'Enn Dragoons, to see what they're up to. After all, they are on their own kind of expedition, in a way. So it is a very expeditiony chapter, all in all ... let's see what gets found out there.

And as always have fun and thank you for reading!


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  1. I have an Indiana Jones feeling here ^^

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