Shara: The ... the blade ...
Katharina: <her voice starts to fade away> YES! It's INCREDIBLE! I have never seen anything like this!
Shara: That's the one ... GIDEON ...
Gideon: Yes. You are home. We are home.
Katharina: <barely understandable> Be careful though ... I think that's where the magic is coming from!
Shara: ... HOME.
Gideon: We never had anyone but EACH OTHER. And now we are TOGETHER again.
<Katharina is still talking but fading into the background. Shara doesn't hear her anymore>
<Shara sees Gideon's reflection in the metal of the blade>
Gideon: There is only one more thing for you to do, Shara.
Shara: Anything.
Gideon: ... GRAB MY HAND.
Gideon: TOUCH ME!
Shara: I ...
<Shara's hand reaches down>
<Shara's hand is stopped by Katharina grabbing her wrist>
Katharina: SHARA! What are you DOING? I told you NOT TO TOUCH IT!
Katharina: ... Shara? Are ... are you feeling alright?
<Shara looks up to her, with tears in her eyes>
Shara: K-Kat. I ... I think I need to tell you something.



Alt-text: "Yes, Shara. You really do ..."

Aaaand that's it for this chapter, folks! I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for staying with me that long.  

What does this mean? This means that the next chapter will start next week, of course! It will be called "Like Flies", and I am incredibly excited about it.

Why, you ask? Well, let's just say ... several named characters are going to die. Why don't you take a tour through the cast page and make a guess? ;)  

Stay tuned!

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