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↓ Transcript
Shara: The ... the blade ...
Katharina: <her voice starts to fade away> YES! It's INCREDIBLE! I have never seen anything like this!
Shara: That's the one ... GIDEON ...
Gideon: Yes. You are home. We are home.
Katharina: <barely understandable> Be careful though ... I think that's where the magic is coming from!
Shara: ... HOME.
Gideon: We never had anyone but EACH OTHER. And now we are TOGETHER again.
<Katharina is still talking but fading into the background. Shara doesn't hear her anymore>
<Shara sees Gideon's reflection in the metal of the blade>
Gideon: There is only one more thing for you to do, Shara.
Shara: Anything.
Gideon: ... GRAB MY HAND.
Gideon: TOUCH ME!
Shara: I ...
<Shara's hand reaches down>
<Shara's hand is stopped by Katharina grabbing her wrist>
Katharina: SHARA! What are you DOING? I told you NOT TO TOUCH IT!
Katharina: ... Shara? Are ... are you feeling alright?
<Shara looks up to her, with tears in her eyes>
Shara: K-Kat. I ... I think I need to tell you something.