<Shara and Katharina approach the sarcophagus in the middle of the chamber>
Katharina: <to Chris and Fernanda> Alright folks - stay outside for the moment, please. I want to disturb AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. And DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING! Not even in the corridor!
Shara: <whispering> Is that ...
Gideon: Yes, Shara.
Katharina: The same for you, Shara. PLEASE don't touch anything!
Shara: That ... that's it. This is it.
Katharina: Shara? Careful with the sarcophagus! What are you ...
<They both look into the sarcophagus and pause. There is a byzarian skeleton, the rests of a fancy armor and the blade that Shara has seen in her dreams>
Katharina: ... WOW!
Gideon: Finally. We can be REUNITED!



Alt-text: "Gideon, your voice got evil again."

Hey! I know that blade!

3 thoughts on “page372

  1. So that’s where she hid our easter eggs! Finally!! Been looking for them for ages … and there’s even an egg cutter comig with them!

    1. Those are supposed to be mushrooms, but I see the similarity ^^

      1. From the top, definitely! Like lots of eggs in nests. Which could have been possible, I guess there were still some cracks in the rocks where an audacious bird seeking for well protected nesting ground could have slipped through … but on second thought, that egg close to the hip of the skeleton would have hinted to REALLY big bird … like, ostrich or such ^^
        Then again, it could have been snakes eggs … or rather serpents eggs … cue “I HATE snakes!” (quite fitting quote for the situation anyway)

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