Shara: <grins> It is a LITTLE BIT funny, though.
Katharina: It is NOT.
Shara: ... eh, I guess you had to be there.
Katharina: I WAS!
Shara: I know, I saw it. <chuckles>
Katharina: UGH ... let's go on. There is so much to see here. Look at these walls! Again, burial markings carved over older ones. They must have REALLY been in a hurry! That might explain the lack of BURIAL GIFTS, too.
<Katharina is going on forward, her voice gets further away>
Katharina: It almost looks like whoever is buried here WASN'T really an important person ... but then again ... kinda WAS? Very strange!
<Gideon's voice appears in Shara's head>
Gideon: Why are you hesitating, Shara? Please, come closer! I can feel your heart beating.
Shara: <whispering> ... Gideon?
Katharina: <from further away> Did you say something, Shara? Come over here, I think I found the BURIAL CHAMBER!
Gideon: Of course it's me, dummy! You're here to SAVE me, did you forget that?
Shara: <whispering> .. I didn't. I WILL.
Gideon: Then COME. Follow your friend. She is so ADORABLY ENTHUSIASTIC.
<Katharina is standing forther down at the entrance to a bigger chamber, Chris and Fernanda behind her>
Katharina: By Lhûn's grace ... a SARCOPHAGUS! And I think there is still someone in there! Shara, come and have a look at this!
<Shara catches up and shoves Katharina to the side>
Shara: Alright, Kat. Calm down, I'm HERE.
Katharina: There you are! Do you SEE this? Do you see the WALLS? This is HISTORY! Can you FEEL it?
<They have a long look into the octagonal burial chamber with a stone sarcophagus in the middle>
Shara: ... yes. Yes I do.
Katharina: I am SO EXCITED!
Gideon: Me too!



Alt-text: "Yes a sarcophagus ... to be fair, what else did you expect in a burial chamber?"

I think it should be obvious, but just to clarify: Only Shara is hearing those sweet green bubbles, not the rest.

Also: me too, Kat! It is literally only a few more pages before this chapter is done and I can't wait for the next one! There are a lot of things that have been a long time coming that will finally come to fruition ...  


(stay safe and healthy everyone ... I hope this story of mine can be a little bit of a distraction)

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  1. Me too too!
    Ominous marks reminding of a certain … thing … guess around now is the perfect moment for Kittymom to arrive … (Come to think of it, maybe I should rather not mock a Gena …)

  2. Now, is it the boyfriend? or some mindreader who is faking being the boyfriend until the box is opened.

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