<soon, Katharina and Shara are standing in front of the cleared entrance>
Katharina: Wow ... this is so EXCITING! But maybe we should wait until tomorrow ... it's getting DARK ...
Shara: It'll be dark down there either way, Kat. Just do your LIGHT THING!
Katharina: But -
Shara: C'mon, BE A LEADER!
Katharina: ... y-you're right! FERNANDA, CHRIS, stay close behind us please, WE'RE GOING IN!
<Chris and Fernanda sit on the cleared rubble to the side, trying to rest a bit>
Fernanda: <pants> ... yes, Miss Grauch! <pants> Just a ... little moment please!
Chris: <murmuring> ... told you you should've let Thomas help you.
<They start descending down the stairs into the tomb>
Shara: You feelin' any NASTY SURPRISES yet?
Katharina: No, nothing. If ... if anything feels wrong to YOU just say it and we'll stop, alright?
Shara: I'm FINE, Kat. Don't worry about me.
Katharina: I just wanted you to -
Shara: Just FOCUS ON YOUR SURROUNDINGS! If anyone is to feel bad magic happen it's YOU.
Katharina: Right. Sorry.
Katharina: Look at that, more of those burial markings! This has to be where this ... this PERSON is buried. Whoever they are.
Shara: ... yeah.
Katharina: At least we can assume it'll be a Baroc!
Shara: I wouldn't assume ANYTHING yet.
Shara: Hey, I JUST had a thought.
Katharina: What?
Shara: ... remember the last time we went through a DARK CAVE like this?
Katharina: Oh COME ON! That's NOT FUNNY Shara!



Alt-text: "Shara just can't let the dragon leaper thing rest!"

They are going in, ladies and gents! The Tomb is getting Raided! (kinda)

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  1. … maybe this time it’s a lurker?
    For sure something is lurking down there. And I suspect it’s not ghost-Gideon (or not him alone, at least).

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