<Kat and Shara are waiting on the side while the entrance is getting cleared>
Shara: SHIT, I can't believe how fast your guys are clearing that rubble!
Katharina: You'd be surprised what a group of mages can do if they just work together.
Shara: I shouldn't be, actually.
Shara: I also notice you let THEM do all the work. Ain't you the best mage around here, Miss FOURTH GRADE MAGICIAN?
Katharina: Aherm. Well I WOULD help but I'll need my energy for whatever is down there.
Shara: SUUUUURE. Must be great to be the boss.
Katharina: I'm serious Shara! If I help with the heavy lifting now I'll be EXHAUSTED afterwards ... and probably have a HEADACHE. Not the condition to be in when you plan to EXPLORE AN ANCIENT TOMB!
Shara: Do you think the Professor is right? That there's something DANGEROUS down there?
Katharina: I ... don't believe so, no. I mean there is the STRANGE MAGIC coming from down there, but I don't think it is harmful per se. And we can't just IGNORE the whole thing and leave it buried here, right? I mean we've come THIS FAR! To leave just because we're scared would be ... such a waste.
Shara: <smiles> I think you're right.
Katharina: You do?
Shara: Yeah. That professor has just seen to many ghosts in his life. Let's do this shit.
Katharina: I'm surprised YOU'RE this eager to go down there ...
Shara: Like you said: we've come this far ... we're so close - LET'S DO IT!



Alt-text: "Shara is all about the Tomb Raiding now!"

Fourth grade magicians don't clear rubble, they don't do light sources ... what do they do then, Kat?!

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