<Katharina and Shara in a cave>
Shara: Keep the light steady! You're flickering more than a torch would!
Katharina: Then why don't you just carry one? A 4th grade magician is not some kind of ... personal lantern.
Shara: Because you could do something actually useful instead of bitching around! I need both of my hands for the bow! Now shut up, we're trying to be sneaky here!
Katharina: Well I am not the one -
<they get interrupted by horrific screach, look shocked>
Shara: ... continue argument after hideous beast encounter?
Katharina: S-sure ...
Shara: Just keep the light steady.



Alt-text: "First monster, then argument. Priorities are important."

When I started this site, I had already drawn over a hundred pages throughout several years ... so the art here isn't really "up to date" for me as I write this ... but I'll probably say the same about page 100 in two years ;)

Updated on 2017-09-17: Updated the picture with digital speech bubbles, lettering and panel borders, to make it more readable. I like how it turned out, even if the artwork is now really out of date compared to the rest ...

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