<They see a beast sleeping on a rock>
Katharina: ... what -
Shara: <whispers> Shh!
Katharina: <whispers> ... what is that?
Shara: <whispers> Eh ... I think it's called "Dragon Lurker" ...
Katharina: <whispers> Sounds ... dangerous?
Shara: <whispers> Only if it survives the arrow.
Katharina: <whispers> Should I prepare to run ... ?
Shara: <whispers> Shut up and hold still ... as long as we -
<Katharina bangs her staff at a rock by accident, causing a 'TOC'>
Katharina: Crap!
<The beast wakes up>
Shara: <whispers> What - shut up you moron!
<The beast hisses and prepares to attack>
Katharina: Crap!
Shara: Shut up!
Katharina: SHOOT!!



Alt-text: "Someone always screws up the stealth roll."

Updated on 2017-09-17: These were the first non-standard speech bubbles (shouting and whispering, respectively). I think they look decent this way, now. I wondered if I should try to update the monster's screeching and other sound effects, too, but I decided to keep them untouched for now.

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