Katharina: WOW. We're gonna need to clear it and make sure it is STABLE but with the help of some of the guards that shouldn't be a problem!
<Prof. Queahn approaches from the side>
Queahn: Mhm ... ! M-miss Grauch, wait! I STRONGLY urge you to be cautious! We do not know what is down there! M-maybe we should NOT disturb whatever is buried beneath ... !
Katharina: PROFESSOR QUEAHN! I didn't hear you coming! But I promise you we will be VERY CAREFUL! I am aware that there is some magic here that we have yet to -
Queahn: N-no. No you DON'T UNDERSTAND! It is ... it FEELS WRONG! We are TOO CLOSE! W-we should not go in there. We should NOT GO IN THERE!
<Professor Brahms follows him and tries to pull him back gently>
Brahms: My friend, please calm yourself!
Queahn: <panicking> We are TOO CLOSE Cornelius! The WALL, the EMPIRE ... they'll find us! THEY'LL FIND ME AND BRING ME BACK!
Brahms: You should SIT DOWN for a moment - come with me and leave the Lady to work, yes?
<Professor Queahn seems to sink down and lets Brahms take him back>
Queahn: <muttering> B-by the eternal wrath of the Empress ...
Brahms: Everything is alright, Friend. NO ONE will bring you back.
Queahn: <muttering> Ngh ... y-yes ... safe. Yes ...
Brahms: I will bring you to your tent.
<The Professors leave, Shara and Katharina look after them awkwardly>
Shara: Soo ... you think that was some more PANIC MAGIC hanging around? Or did he just have a plain old FLASHBACK?
Katharina: I ... don't know. And I'm not sure what's WORSE.



Alt-text: "To quote Kat from way earlier: 'I'm trying really hard not to be paranoid right now'."

Hey everyone, I hope you're doing well! I don't talk much about current events here, but if you are reading this there's a good chance you too are supposed to stay at home because of the virus. So stay safe, stay calm, stay at home and think of others, everyone!

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  1. Stay safe.

    These are odd times indeed.

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